Monday, August 24, 2009

Bring Me the Head of Doctor Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory will be back on the air with new episodes in about another month. I'm really looking forward to the new season.  It's interesting that the guys all showed up at comic con with beards except Jim Parsons.  It's not unusual for actors on a regular series to let their hair go wild during the summer, when they're not working, but I'd guess we're going to start off with a look at Leonard, Raj, and Howard with 3 months of arctic facial insulation on their chins.  Sheldon would not bring his routine of daily shaving just because of weather conditions.

On a recent Saturday, I noticed I suddenly had about 100
 more visitors than normal here - a huge spike for me.  They all came from Paradox, a community of Big Bang Theory fans who, as they put it politely, "would like to see Sheldon and Penny as the end couple of the series."  They've gone so far as to catalog every smile, arm-touch, and tender moment between the two, and the site is full of fun fan art like the beautiful piece to the right here, "The Subconscious Tango Betrayal," by artgyrl.  (You can see more of her terrific art here).

It seems they noticed my speculation that Jim Parsons named "The Las Vegas Renormalization" as his favorite episode because he liked to hear Kaley sing "Soft Kitty" to him.  Well who wouldn't?  

I believe some sections of Paradox may be less than family friendly but they are VERY well marked, so feel free to explore over there even if you're faint of heart.

So on to some other news of interest to all fans of Sheldon Cooper:  an artist is selling custom "Jim Parsons" heads for 1/6 scale dolls on Ebay.  I stumbled across this and, although I'm not usually interested in unlicensed collectibles, found the likeness so intriguing I had to order it.  She painted the first one up for me, that's what you see above.

Looking at it unpainted, you get a sense of just what amazing work this is.  You can checl out this auction here, and check out all her amazing other sculpts here.  1/6 scale is basically the same size as Ken, so if you have a spare Star Trek Ken lying around, you may have a ready-made body for your own Sheldon Cooper doll.  Now, if only there was a blonde doll to that scale that could fill in for Penny.  Hmm...

In other Big Bang Theory fandom news, it looks like the guys have made their first comic book appearance in Power Girl #4, out last Wednesday.  I honestly never knew much about Power Girl, except that she was known for being, well, stacked.  So she's a natural for Howard to show some interest in:

Official?  No.  Is it definitely meant to be the BBT boys?  Absolutely.  To me, this is some of the best stuff to have in a collection.  Years from now, those little side trips and appearances by the characters and actors will be forgotten by many, making them stand-out items to have in your collection in the future.  

Coming soon, I'll be sharing more BBT collectibles, as well as an account of their appearance at the William Paley festival earlier this year.  Enjoy.

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Images of Comic Con '09

Seth Green is happy to take a moment to chat with a
Slave Princess Leia at the Adult Swim booth.
Wouldn't you?

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Images of Comic Con '09

Best Wonder Twins toy and package EVER!
(okay, so it's not a very big field. still...Con exclusive Gleep!)
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